Personal Lines 

Homeowners – If something adverse happens to your home, possessions or loved ones, will you be covered? A loss is an already difficult time. Do not add to the stress and hardship by being underinsured or placed with a questionable company. The mission of Assurance Group, Inc. is to ensure that your home and contents will be adequately covered and your claim will be handled swiftly and with the utmost professionalism.

Condo Owners & Renters – When you purchase a condo or rent from a property owner, you can never be certain of who your neighbor will be or what conditions you will get. Knowing that you have secured superior protection from Assurance Group, Inc. regardless of who is at fault will provide you with the peace of mind and security that separates us from the competition. For condo owners, we thoroughly evaluate the Master Deed, and for both renters and condo owners, we review your personal possession schedule and uncover areas of liability exposure, ensuring you have the exact type and amount of coverage to replace your contents and protect you from third-party liability claims. In an uncertain world, we remove the uncertainty.


Auto – Accidents happen. Make sure your auto is sufficiently covered to protect you, your passengers, and your fellow drivers. Don’t guess what may or may not happen to you. Be prepared for it. Assurance Group, Inc. will ensure you are protected from all of the road’s unknowns.

Motorcycle – When you hear that unmistakable rumble of a motorcycle, and feel the seductive combination of metal, leather and chrome, your mind should be focused on one thing: the ride. Let Assurance Group, Inc. focus on the coverage, making sure you and that beautiful machine are insured, leaving you to focus only on the ride.

Umbrella – When there is a lot to cover, there is a lot to lose. Assurance Group, Inc. can add an umbrella policy to your personal packages to provide extra coverage to protect your hard-earned assets. From $1 million to $5 million or more in coverage, you can get a great deal more protection for only a few extra dollars a year.


Yacht – A day on the water is meant to be fun! Ease your stress by knowing that your vessel and its passengers are protected while onboard. From day boats on the lake, to floating palaces on the ocean, Assurance Group, Inc. will make sure your only worry is that you enjoy your boat to the fullest. And our President Ken LaJoie is a retired USCG Licensed Captain so you know that he will take care of your very special requirements.

Aircraft – When you’re up in the air, know that your insurance is not. Your aircraft, and you, are powerful machines, and you want to protect both. Guarantee that you’re covered sufficiently by allowing Assurance Group, Inc. to provide coverage. As a former pilot, the President of the company knows exactly what you, your passengers and your aircraft can encounter in the sky and on the ground, and we will see to it that proper covered will not be an issue for you to worry about. Only that you make a text book landing!


Life – You spend your life providing for your loved ones. Continue the legacy. You don’t want an already-trying time to be exacerbated by financial concerns. Assurance Group, Inc. can provide life insurance for you and your family, ensuring that your family will be protected for years to come.

Specialty – Whether you want to ensure your wedding day is as perfect as you had always dreamed, or you want to protect that beautiful ’55 Chevy, we will find the company and policy that suits you and your needs. Assurance Group, Inc. will provide you with a policy as unique as the item you want to protect, and you can enjoy your 40’ luxury motorhome carefree.


Travel Insurance – You have anticipated and saved all year long for this special time. You have booked the vacation of a lifetime or maybe an anniversary cruise, an exotic safari or a family trip abroad or a trip to the islands or even maybe Alaska. What could go wrong you ask? A missed flight, an illness before departure, weather causes the trip to be cancelled, you become sick in a foreign country or need emergency med-flight services back to the U.S. All of this and more can be covered through the comprehensive Travel Insurance Plans offered by Assurance Group, Inc.

Commercial LinesProperty – From a start-up one person show to a multi-million dollar enterprise, Assurance Group, Inc. is able to provide coverage for all risks your company may face. We understand your business is your livelihood, and we take the responsibility of protecting you very seriously. No matter what line of business you’re in, we’re there behind you making your job a little bit easier.

Liability – Even if an accident is not your fault, it could be deemed your responsibility. Don’t find yourself accountable and unprotected. Assurance Group, Inc. has a number of options for businesses and business owner exposures, ensuring you and your assets will be protected.

Auto – We understand that as a business owner, you’re always busy. Protect your business while you’re on the go by ensuring your commercial autos, and even those owned by your employees, are covered while in use for business purposes. You have enough running around to do. Let us cover you while you do it.  

Inland Marine – Your business, like you, is always moving. Protect the pieces while they’re on the go. Items in transit are only protected when covered by an inland marine policy. You have enough to worry about when transporting merchandise. Don’t let coverage be one of them.

Umbrella – As a business owner, you should be excited, not worried, when you gain more assets. By adding an umbrella, Assurance Group, Inc. can add extra coverage to your entire insurance package to guarantee you’re completely covered, no matter what. Having Assurance Group, Inc. design a Commercial Umbrella Policy for you will enable you to enjoy and expand your assets to the fullest.

Workers Compensation – Workers Compensation is a federal requirement for all businesses large and small and business owners worry about the high cost for coverage. But comprehensive coverage does not have to be expensive. Ensure that you and your employees are properly protected, and do it while saving money. Let Assurance Group, Inc. show you Workers Compensation plans that are second to none!

Specialty – Some businesses just don’t fit the mold for a conventional insurance policy. Don’t let that be a deterrent to obtaining comprehensive coverage for your individual needs. Assurance Group, Inc. represents a number of specialty companies that provide protection for unique business exposures and the risks they face – just like yours.  

Bonds – Whether you are a contractor, property manager, constable, lawyer, accountant, bookkeeper, real estate broker, car dealer, detective or anyone dealing in financials, you will need to be bonded. Offering top quality bonds for every exposure from public figures to municipal and governmental requirements, Assurance Group, Inc. has the programs and expertise to meet and exceed your needs.



With so many options in today’s insurance market, it is often difficult to assemble the most comprehensive protection package that best suits your unique needs. For over 18 years, Assurance Group, Inc.’s principle Ken LaJoie, a Massachusetts Property and Casualty Licensed Insurance Advisor (L.I.A.), has been counseling his clientele on the most effective methods to mitigate risk. By employing this service, you can rest assured that you have the most thorough and cost-effective coverage offered in the market today.

Notary Public

All of the agents of Assurance Group, Inc. are licensed Notary Publics for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and are ready to help on a moment’s notice.

Registry Services

Clients of Assurance Group, Inc. enjoy the same-day or next-day registry services, saving hours and the hassle associated with a trip to the RMV.


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