The single most valuable asset for most of us is the place in which we reside - our home. For some of us, it is also the place in which we work. The term ‘Home’ may mean a traditional free-standing dwelling, condominium or possibly an owner-occupied multi-family. It could also denote a rented home or an apartment.We celebrate, entertain, live and relax in our home. Making sure that your dwelling and your personal property assets are properly protected is of paramount importance at Assurance Group, Inc.

When you have a discussion about ‘homeowner’ type insurance with your agent at Assurance Group, Inc, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your structure, contents, liability and the many other exposures that are protected by the ‘homeowner’ type policy. We will make certain that the limits you select meet your needs while maintain strict control over costs. In fact, when combined with an auto or umbrella policy, even greater savings may be possible. Learn more about our valuable items, incidental business equipment, boat and other specialized insurance coverages available through our homeowner programs by having a comprehensive review with a specialist at Assurance Group, Inc.

Are You Aware:That the personal liability coverage included in the homeowner policy protects you and household members even when you are out in the public? Continue this discussion with your insurance professional at Assurance Group, Inc. and learn more about the value of a quality homeowner protection plan. ​

Home Protection Insurance