Life & Disability Protection Insurance

You spend your life caring and growing your family. You have worked and sacrificed for your business. You want to be prepared under all circumstance for the preservation of your family’s needs or the continuation of your business endeavor during an illness or possibly a passing. You are concerned that an illness that might interfere with your ability to be a wage earner or maybe your wishes include a steady stream of cash be available during retirement. These scenarios and many more should be discussed with your professional at Assurance Group, Inc. Learn how easy and affordable it is to act now rather than later, to prepare a plan for future events such as a disability, retirement or a passing. Now is the most important time of your life to have an in-depth discussion with your professional at Assurance Group, Inc. Superior plans may never be more affordable or cost-effective. We encourage you to have a one on one and explore the possibilities of protecting all that you have worked so hard for.

Do You Know:That we offer Life Insurance plans that allow the insured person to access a portion of the death benefit while living? This newly crafted provision maybe just the solution you have been seeking when it comes to Long-Term Healthcare planning. ​