We are more mobile and spending more time than ever before operating our vehicles. When we think of ‘vehicles’ we must include Automobiles, Mini-vans, SUVs and Motorcycles. Making sure that proper protection is in place is ‘no accident’! To achieve this goal, your professional at Assurance Group, Inc., will spend as much time with you as require, fully reviewing and educating you about the 12 distinct parts to the Massachusetts Auto Policy. If you are keeping you vehicle(s) in another state other than Massachusetts, we will discuss the unique differences to insure that we craft a superior protection plan tailored to your needs and budget. In summary, we will afford as much time with you as you require - which maybe more than 15 minutes (some companies and agents want you to believe that a proper review can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes!). And please be certain, it will be time well spent.

Have a discussion today with your agent at Assurance Group, Inc. and learn just how well protected you can be and how much money you can save getting there! Are You Aware:That in most instances, clients that select higher liability protection limits see their premiums fall well below those who select lower limits? ​

Vehicle Insurance Protection